Hormone Replacement Therapy

Benefits of BHRT

Benefits Of Achieving Hormone Balance With BHRT

· Decrease or Cure: hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia.
· Improve: mental clarity and focus.
· Accelerate: fat burning and increased capacity to lose weight and get in shape.
· Calm: anxiety and decrease depression.
· Alleviate: foggy thinking and memory lapses.
· Restore: sexual function and increase libido.
· Reduce: hormonally triggered headaches and other PMS symptoms such as irritability, bloating, and fatigue.
· Regulate: menstrual bleeding and decrease painful periods.
· Possibly avoid: surgical interventions for bleeding irregularities and pelvic pain caused by hormone imbalances.
· Optimizing Fertility: in men and women

BHRT are prescribed with other hormones, precursors of hormones and supplements.

· Other hormones are HGH or Human Growth Hormones, for adult growth hormone deficiency.
· Hormone precursors: pregnenolone, cortisol and DHEA.
· Antioxidants and vitamins: Melatonin, Vitamin D, COQ 10, magnesium, zinc and more.
· Other supplements: adrenal support or adrenal extracts, Iodine and more.